Monday, October 24, 2016

Missionaries returning home Celebration

Just a small interim blog to show some of the activities we can be part of here in Fiji.
When missionaries are leaving, the branch holds a big party for them. The ladies spend a lot of time making a special lei for them. Food is served and the party begins. The missionaries are expected to give a farewell talk at this party. We were a bit concerned that we had not seen the Fijian people have a party or having fun. We were very happy to see that they do have fun and can party with the best of the islanders. Even the small children join in with the dancing, singing and of course the eating of the food.

Here are a few pictures to try to show the feel of the farewell and the fun spirit of the Fijian people.

Elder Lautogia

Elder Court (his lei was still being made)

All the missionaries in the District

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