Thursday, November 10, 2016

Diwali (Hindu Holiday)

The Hindu religion has a holiday called Diwali. It is a celebration of one of their religious leader’s birth. I asked a store owner about it, and he is the one who gave me that information. I said that it was like the Christian holiday of Christmas. He replied, “exactly”. It is a celebration of light. The coming from the darkness to the light, leaving evil for good, etc.
It is like three holidays wrapped into one for us; Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July. They decorate their houses with lights and have them lit like we do our Christmas lights. They make goodies so when friends and neighbors stop by they have some “sweets” and the light fireworks all night and even well past midnight lighting them off.
The holiday was on Sunday, October 30th, and they celebrate all day and then because there is a National Holiday on Monday, they celebrate then too.

They are so accepting of us and others, that if you walk around and then up to a house with the lights on, they will have sweets for you. We visited two different homes last night and it was very nice to share in their holiday. The young girl who is a member was very accepting as was her mother and family who are not members. Her grandfather was in his 80’s so I was not the oldest there.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos. We have been to Suva for some Senior MLS missionariy training. Love you all.

Houses decorated with lights

This one is at the end of our paved road and very nice

This a house we visited. We did not know them but they invited us to sit and eat.

This lady lives below our member. Her daughters were dressed to the "nines" as do all the women for this holiday.

This is the "snacks". they were different but quite nice.

These are rice paintings. They die the rice and then put it on the floor in a pattern. This is a peacock.

Inside of our members home

Jackie and some of the girls

They put a light on each of the spots. Not sure what or if it means anything.