Monday, October 17, 2016

Goals, Activation, Serving, Faith

The work here in Fiji continues. Each month the mission sets goals for number of baptisms they think they will get. The zone leaders meet with the president in the Mission Council Meeting once a month. After discussion and prayerful consideration, they set a goal for the mission of the number of baptisms. This goal is based upon feedback from the different zones. Each week of the month the districts meet to discuss progress and ways to be more effective. Each set of missionaries in the district report on those they are working with; what lesson they are on, have they attended church, have they been given a calling, have they given a baptismal challenge and what date they think the baptism will take place. The district leaders then report to zone leaders who report to the president and the mission council.

We are on the North Island of Vanua Levu. Our district is the southern portion of that island. The branches that we are responsible for are Rabi, a small island that is a 45-minute boat ride on a small 14’ fishing boat across the channel between the two islands, Tukavesi, Nabua and Savusavu. Each branch has 2-3 groups that are attached to them. A group is like a HP group in a ward, but they meet on their own except for fast Sunday, when they meet with the branch they are attached to. We try to get to all the places on different Sundays but as you can guess, it is difficult to meet with all of them on a regular basis. But the members are very humble and try very hard to live the gospel in their lives.
We found out that there are over 270 members in the Savusavu Branch. We live in a nearby “village” to Savusavu. As you can see we have plenty opportunities to work with the less actives of the branch. Our problem is that we don’t know who they are. We have requested a printout of the branch members from the clerk and the branch president. We are planning to go through the list and color code those we know, have been working with, and the members that are active. We will then ask the members for assistance to help us make contact with those that have not been to church in a long time. It is a daunting task but we know the Lord will bless us if we stay focused, be diligent, have faith and learn to listen to the spirit.

The Elders need a place to burn some old foam mattresses. We were the only one with a yard.

As you can see, they even have a lumber industry here in Fiji. They have large pine forests on our island. If you get behind one of them, you have a very hard time getting around them. I also put in a picture of one of the many bridges that we have to cross to travel to the northern town of Labasa on this island.

A big yacht at the dock.

We are entering the yachting season. Most are sailboats, but this was huge.

Narrow one-way bring on many rods of the island.

Right of Weight!

Painting a members home.

Today we had the privilege of helping a less active member paint his home. He built this home himself and needed some help with the exterior painting. We bought a tray, roller frames and covers. He already had the paint, it was Swimming Pool Blue. He had never painted anything before and was asking for our help to be the “experts”. The Elders came, so we had 4 painters and one foreman, Sister Roberts. We were able to complete all four sides of the house in about 2 ½ hours. His wife made us lunch. Not sure what it was but it was rice, potatoes and some kind of seasoning. It might have been curry but the mild kind.

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  1. Your mission sounds so interesting! Missions are in our near future as well. May the Lord continue to bless you!