Monday, June 20, 2016

The church for the Savusavu Branch

Rugby is a life style here. These are elementary and high school rugby teams in the area.

Sign here are a lot like in China, but these really make sense. We are walking to the school grounds to watch some of the rugby.

I love the message this gives.


  1. Hi Roberts
    My comment is coming up as Mom because I have only posted comments on Tara's blog and that is what I used, so google just
    uses the same name I guess. I was able to read your blog and it sounds like you're having an adventure!!

    1. We are trying to learn where everything is and what we can and cannot get. Which is a lot. I am teaching the Branch President's daughter to read English and there is very little here to help. I am going in search of index cards today. Maybe I might find some or just paper to help. No chalk boards I found chalk so maybe I'll use the cement.