Monday, June 20, 2016

First Sunday in Savusavu, 20 June 2016

We went to church for the first time in Savusavu. The branch was very small, only about 60 people there. There plenty of little kids that ran around just like at home. It is one building with four small rooms off the main room. Both relief society and priesthood meet in the large room, one on one end and one on the other. Priesthood was in Fijian and RS was in English. Jackie thinks it was for her, but the priesthood didn't seem to worry about if I could understand or not.

Sacrament meeting was very nice. They had no microphone, so we had a difficult time hearing and understanding what he was saying. There was no pianist so we sang a'capella. After two of the speakers, i was waiting for what was to happen next and a sister in front of me told me I was the next speaker. Opps, I will have to get that hearing aide when I return. Sister Roberts and I talked and then there was another speaker after her.

They were so loving and kind to us. Everyone wanted to shake our hands and talk to us for a little bit. The branch presidents wife and 5 of her kids walked us home and showed us a shortcut to our house. She lives just a couple house from us. She has 6 children of her own and has taken in 4 of her sisters. Her sister die a few months ago and her brother-in-law is paralyzed and lives on another island. We met some humanitarian kids working with a small school here. Most are from Utah or Idaho and are members of the church. They help in the school class for special education students and have been putting in a new playground for kids.

We are still trying to figure out where we are and where we need to go for different things in town. We will be going with the Elders on Wednesday and Jackie is making cinnamon rolls as a relief society activity. We have talked with the Branch President and he is trying to setup a class at our home on Tuesday night to get acquainted with the couples that have been working to get to the temple. We are not sure where they are but will be prepared to teach some temple prep classes. Mostly it is to get to know them and them to know 

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