Friday, August 5, 2016

Neighbor Movie Nights and more

Sister Roberts is helping tutor the branch presidents daughter in English. She is in the 7th grade but doesn't read or write English. She speaks it quite well. We are not sure how she has gotten this far without those skills but she is working hard to learn them. When she comes for the session, her bothers and sisters and cousins come to watch a movie. They particularly like princess movies, but almost any Disney movie will work. We never know how many will show up, sometimes between 2 or 3 and other times between 6 or 7. They are all cute, friendly, respectful and love the movies.

Our major assignment now is working with missionaries, those getting ready to go on a mission and those returning home from missions. And we are teaching the Temple Preparation Classes in the branches and groups.

We will finish our first group in Savusavu Branch and will have 9 going to the temple in a couple weeks. Two missionaries and 7 adults. Some have families and they will be sealed at that time also. We have just started a class in a village 2 hours from us, Tukavesi, and we have two families and three missionaries preparing to serve. I also had a young man find me in town and he wants to go on a mission. We are trying to find out if he has had the needed interviews, and is worthy, but he is working on getting his birth certificate so he can get his passport.

We are now assigned as "floating" for our church attendance. This means we are to travel to the other branches and groups in our area to get to know the saints there and, if necessary, present the temple classes. In these small villages, most do not have power except for a couple hours in the evening, so all we can do is show the presentation on the computer. In the daylight is is not the best for viewing and we are not in a room that we can pull curtains to make it darker. The chapel in Tukavesi is an addition to the branch president's house and it has open walls. They are so eager to learn and the anticipation of going to the temple and being sealed for eternity is a great blessing for them. The branch president interprets into Fijian for them. Even though we do not understand him, they do and you can see the smiles on their faces as they understand the principles being taught. They do speak English but don't always understand what we are saying. They read the scriptures, sometimes in English and other times in Fijian. You can feel the spirit so strongly when they are working hard to learn and understand.

We have one prospective missionary that comes and helps us in our garden on Saturday. He is so willing to help us and so we pay him a little for his mission. They must have 3 months worth of finances, $195 Fijian ($97 US), in the branch account before the mission president sends in his completed missionary application.

Brother Aseri Family

Brother Solo family, Tevita is preparing for mission

Elita is preparing for mission

Lasalini is starting mission papers


Tukavesi Chapel

Aisake working in the garden

Help International students that have been here

Brother Sepo's daughter, beautiful eyes

Farewell lunch with the Help people before they left.
New Stove

We had a gas leak this past week and finally found that it was the stove that was leaking so the landlord bought a new stove for us. Kurt bought a new tank of gas and within 3 days it was gone.  i told him there was a leak.  The Elders and the Sisters could smell the gas.  We are blessed that nothing happened to us.  Our landlord is great, he is not the typical landlord we have known over the years.


  1. From China to Fiji, you must have been super stars in the previous existence to get such special assignments. You have blessed and are blessing so many lives, including mine.

  2. How fun to get to meet so many great new friends and help them prepare for the temple! I know your time as temple workers will be a great blessing to them. :)

  3. We appreciate reading of your Fiji mission!!